International Speaker Series (Season Two)

East Asian Legal Studies, 2021-2022


Li Chen, University of Toronto

Associate Professor, Department of Historical and Cultural Studies, Department of History, and Faculty of Law

Taisu Zhang, Yale Law School

Professor of Law, Yale Law School and Department of History; Global Faculty Fellow, Peking University Law School

Program for Fall 2021-Summer 2022
Please note: Unless otherwise indicated, we have rescheduled to start all the talks at 10 am, eastern time, to allow more scholars based in East Asia to attend.  The future talks will be held from 10 am through 12:30 pm, Friday, ETZ (New York), or 7-9:30 am in Los Angeles, 3-5:30 pm in London, 10 pm - 12:30 am in Beijing, and 11 pm -1:30 am in Seoul/Tokyo
All participants should register at least 24 hours before the talk to receive the link and password in time.
Click here for the registration link 点击此处打开讲座登记链接 (You only need to register once for the whole series and please check the announcement for each talk about potential change to the starting time).

For prior lectures and participantss since June 2020, click here (关于2020年六月以来此前的讲座和参与人信息,请点击此处).

Speakers and Commentators

for the next talk on

October 29, 2021

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