2020-2021 International Speaker Series (Online)

Rethinking Cultural Constructions of Law in East Asia

From August 2020 through June 2021, at least thirty internationally renowned scholars will join us to discuss recent developments and new directions of research in the related fields of East Asian legal cultures and histories. Information about the schedule and registration is provided below.



Program for Fall 2020-Spring/Summer 20201

Please note: Unless otherwise indicated (e.g., April 30, 2021), starting from Dec. 11, 2020 we have rescheduled to start all the talks at 9 am, eastern time, to allow more scholars based in East Asia to attend.  The future talks will be held from 9 am through 11:30 pm, Friday, ETZ (New York), or 6-8:30 am in Los Angeles, 1-3:30 pm in London, 9 pm - 11:30 am in Beijing, and 10 pm -12:30 am in Seoul/Tokyo
All participants should register at least 24 hours before the talk to receive the link and password in time.
Fall 2020
Talk 1. August 28, 2020
Professor Mark Ramseyer, Harvard University
Title:  Ostracism in Village Japan: Thinking about Culture in the Courts
Professor Eric Feldman, University of Pennsylvania
Professor John Haley, University of Washington
Talk 2. September 25, 2020
Professor Taisu Zhang, Yale University
Title: The Ideological Foundations of the Qing Fiscal State
Professor Aziz Rana, Cornell University
Professor Yuhua Wang, Harvard University
Talk 3. October 23, 2020
Professor Jisoo Kim, George Washington University
Title: Sexual Desire, Adultery Law, and Gendered Subjects in Early Modern Korea
Professor Anders Karlsson, University of London SOAS
Professor Jungwon Kim, Columbia University
Talk 4. November 20, 2020
Professor Teemu Ruskola, Emory University
Title: A Brief History of Inequality and Economic Development in the PRC.
Professor Odette Lienau Cornell University
Professor Xingzhong Yu, Cornell University
Talk 5. December 11, 2020, starting at 9 am ETZ (instead of 10 am ETZ for previous talks). 
Professor Benjamin Liebman, Columbia University
Title:  Automating Fairness? Artificial Intelligence in Chinese Courts
Professor William Alford, Harvard University 
Professor Valerie Hans, Cornell University
Spring/Summer 2021
Talk 6. January 29, 2021
Professor Annelise Riles, NorthWestern University

Commentators: TBA
Talk 7. Feb. 26, 2021
Professor Sida Liu, University of Toronto
Title: Cage for the Birds: On the Social Transformation of Chinese Law, 1999-2019
Commentators: TBA
Talk 8. March 26, 2021
Professor Rachel Stern, University of California at Berkeley
Title: Paitenc
Commentators: TBA
Talk 9. April 30, 2021
 Professor Li Chen, University of Toronto
Title: The Legal Professional Community in Late Imperial China.
Commentators: TBA
Talk 10. May 28, 2021
Professor Kentaro Matsubara, University of Tokyo
Title: The Formation of a Transnational East Asia: China, Japan and Alternative International Orders in the 19th and 20th centuries.
Par Cassel, University of Michigan
Barak Kushner, University of Cambridge
Dan Shao, University of Illinois
Talk 11. June 25, 2021
Professor Donald Clarke, George Washington University
Title: Order and Law in China
Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago
Teemu Ruskola, Emory University
Commentator: Professor Anya Bernstein, SUNY Buffalo
Commentator: Professor Ralf Michaels,  Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law
Commentator: Professor Ji Li, University of California at Irvine
Commentator: Professor Juan Wang, McGill University
Commentator: Professor Izra Ding, University of Pittsburgh
Commentator: Professor of William Hurst, University of Cambridge 
Commentator:Professor Maura Dykstra, California Institute of Technology
Commentator: Professor Matthew Sommer, Stanford University
Commentator: Profess Par Cassel, University of Michigan
Commentator: Professor Barak Kushner, University of Cambridge
Commentator: Professor Dan Shao, University of Illinois
Commentator: Professor Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago
Commentator: Professor Teemu Ruskola, Emory University

Coming Up Next  下一次讲座

Topic: "Order and Law in China

Speaker: Donald Clarke, Professor of Law, George Washington University 

with comments by Professor Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago, and Professor Teemu Ruskola, Emory University 

June 25, 2021, Friday, 10 am -12:30 pm, New York (ETZ), 7-9:30 am in Los Angeles, 2-4:30 pm in London, 10 pm -12:30 am in Beijing, 11 pm -1:30 am in Seoul/Tokyo

Please register at least one day before the talk.

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Speaker: Donald Clarke, George Washington University

Commentator: Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago

Commentator: Teemu Ruskola, Emory University